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Pleckgate News.

Pleckgate “Beacon of success”

Pleckgate High School has been hailed as a ‘Beacon of success’ and has won praise for their ‘good level of attainment for all pupils.’ The Institute for Public Policy Research recently completed a research project entitled “Northern Schools: Puttin … [Read More...]

Fighting to Success

Pleckgate’s Deputy Head Girl Kayla Cookson is a true sports all-rounder – playing, coaching and studying a range of sports. Kayla, 15, is now in Year 11 but from Year Seven she has played in the school’s netball, rounders and athletics teams – and … [Read More...]

Pleckgate’s Man in the Middle

Aadil Seedat is a student used to making tough decisions – he has to as he aspires to be a Premier League referee. Pleckgate pupil Aadil, 15, is a referee in the East Lancashire Junior League and is following in the footsteps of his dad and b … [Read More...]

Ramadan at Pleckgate

Ramadan at Pleckgate Ramadan falls within the exam season in 2016 and will do so for the next few years. This year the middle of Ramadan will coincide with the summer solstice. The combination of long days and exams will put extra pressure on many … [Read More...]

What our Students / Parents say about our school…

100% Safe…..

of parents felt their child was safe. Parent View 2014/15

100% well taught….

of parents said their child was taught well in school. Parent View 2014/15

100% happy

of parents said their child was happy at this school. Parent View 2014/15

100% child progress….

of parents felt their child made good progress in school. Parent View 2014/15

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